Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Why dost thou gave’th me,

This guilty bliss,

Dragin’ my soul from heaven to underworld,

With thy lascivious brass:

And make’th me bury all but thee,

Of the cosmos treated all well,

Vinify’d and Grass’d me a bless,

And make’th my beingness mortal.

Where dost thou evaporate with darkness?

O, where doest thou blend?

Leaving me o'erbrimmed with loneliness,

With these desperate longings:

Should I arouse from this cavity?,

Or, should I be doomed with thee for eternity?

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frightful said...

nice try munchi. keep it up. like it a lot. john dunn :)

moyameehaa said...

u can write better.i knw that. but this is not bad either. maybe im not good enuf to understand this.hehe..

just trying to be critical as us said.but i caaaant.grrr.this is the most critical i can be.

monchi said...

haha...moya! i appreciate it when u try to be critical...be as critical as u want...

Anonymous said...

WOW! A Beautiful piece of art MONCHI!it seems older than John Donne even!hehehe! ( The vocab) Keep it up!

fazz said...

hehe..this is really gr8...john donne wud hav bn really jelous if he were alive..nd keats too...u hav brough elements of both romanticism nd metaphysical in one...this is incredible..keep it up..:)

I-kko said...

awesome piece!~

D cOLOr Of <((SuN RisE))> said...

happy new year