Thursday, October 12, 2006


" I am in love."

I've heard that so many times. Its really easy to say that sentence. But I wonder how many of them who had said it believe their own words. They Just say the words. It is like a slip of tongue.
May be they want to believe that they are in love, eventhough they are not. Many of my friends used to argue with me about true love, trying to prove me that about their true love for their gfs/bfs. But at the end they usually agree with me.

I'm not saying that love doesn't exist. It does exist. But there are conditions for that. One of the most important condition is sex. Without sex True love cannot exist. Don't get confused! Here I am talking about romantic love.

"romantic love, which is characterized by a mix of emotional and sexual desire" Wikipedia

I can prove my argument.

You think that you are in love with someone, and boast about your love for that person till you get married. And you might be dating that person for a long time ( 5 years? ). But within 2-3 months of your marriage you will get divorced. Why?
Because, You were not really in love. You were mutually attracted to that person, and after getting married you realise that your sex doesn't match. Thats where the problem starts. ( sex before marriage (SBM) cases does not count in this)

Love at first sight? Oh c'mon! That exists only in ancient stories. Not in reality. You might like the person at first sight. You might even get attracted. Its just attractins, not love.

Don't get me wrong its not only sex that is needed for love. there are other things as well...
But believe me, there is nothing called love at first sight. You can only love a person romantically if you have shared an intense sexual relationship with that peson. There is no other way.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


do you know......

ofcourse you know, but there are others who don't have a clue about the shapes and beauty of snow....

its not just droplets of water vapour that becomes ice...

snowflakes are more than ordinary ice...

see urself... itsn't it amazing?

the are 80 different types of snow crystals


Our Politics - Shameless
Our Education - Valueless
Our Communication - Vireless
Our Cooking - Fireless
Our Salary - Veryless

So, say what you want.....