Saturday, October 06, 2007

People can never change II

Have you ever seen a shy person change into a rude and vulgar one? Of course, if you are constantly bullying or harassing him, his anger might overcome his shyness and might act upon it. But that is temporary. That is not a change. He will always have that shyness. I have seen many impolite people but never once have I come across anyone changing from impoliteness to bashfulness.

I know this person who is the dad of one of my friends. He has this anger that he tries very hard to control. He tries to take things calm and face problems as a civilized and deal with everything reasonably. He is aware of his anger and his wife and children know that he is trying his best to control it. It has been like that as long as the children can remember. But despite all his trying, there were many occasions that he had snapped at his children and wife over simple things.

If you try hard, you can control your emotions to a degree, but you cannot change it.

There are “funny persons”, “rude persons”, “kind persons”, “serious persons”, etc. Have you ever seen any of this kind of a person change from kind to rude or serious to funny? You might see a funny person in a serious mood. But that, again, is temporary. He will always have that funniness in him.

So, if people can change rudeness will also be changed to shyness. Do you really believe that is possible?


Ameer said...

dude. u have changed a lot.

D cOLOr Of <((SuN RisE))> said...

ya! i believe! cause i'm one alike! hehe =T

thadu said...

umm. in my opinion a person could change! does changing actually mean that a shy persons shyness must completely be gone? or if he is able to hide that shyness, and show some manly face, is it not a change?
a person who is reluctant in socializing, but if he still socialize ignoring his reluctance in socializing, isn't that a change?

moyameehaa said...

i think people can change that much (the shyness gone) if something of that caliber comes in their way.for example i know this nieghbour of mine..who was what we call an anhendhulhaa guy. but last time i saw him he was on the road kicking a guy with his gang. his affiliation with these guys and a lil drugz must have changed him.he is totally different... ive heard that he have attacked a person with kataru.

a fun loving person might change in to a gloomy one after something disastrous in his life.what happened to frankenstein was ..he was changed by the way society treated him (same with hannibal)...and Freud also believed in the monster within us.but these are exceptions...extreme cases.. generally i would agree with you. but there is always a chance that a person might change completely.we can also consciously change our selves to some extent.

frightful said...

hmmm i'd say that ppl actually change. human have this capability to adjust themselves into the society dho. so they'd go to any extend to fit in. which means they will change their behaviour or the way they think so that they can walk side by side with the others. (of course there are exceptions too ingey)

sometimes this change is permanant sometimes temporaray but either way i take it as a change. and in my opinion the thing which bring abouts a change is the situation one has to face........ dho